Assessment Solutions
  • Get your login_Id and password from your school or institute, if they have taken the program.
  • Visit the site (NOT on
  • From 'Check your system' link on above page, verify that your system is compatible.
  • Ensure your system's time zone is correct.
  • Make sure your camera is working and held in a proper angle to see you.
  • Check that the ID is working in advance, not just before the exams.
  • Attend the questions without any disturbances. Subjective answers can be either typed-in or written on paper and a phtoto can be taken and uploaded.
  • Submit the test when finished.
  • It is advisable to install Firefox browser and take the test in that as some default browsers do not support camera, formulas etc.

    Not able to login:
  • Check you are logging to (not
  • Refresh the login page to ensure latest version of the app.
  • Check you are entering the correct login_Id and password.
  • Password is case sensitive, pls enter exactly as given.
  • If there is '0' at the start of the password, pls ensure 0 is typed in.
  • Still getting 'invalid credentials', your login ID may not be active, wait up to 8 hours before the test or contact your school or institute.

  • Wrong Date and Time shown for the test OR Test getting automatically submitted on login:
    (This happens if the time zone of the device is wrong on your system.)
  • Check that the time zone and time is correct in your system.
  • If you are in India, time zone should be UTC+5.30 Chennai, Kolkata...
  • Test may get submitted automatically because of time zone issue. You may request your teacher to restart the test for you after resolving the issue.

  • Camera not working:
  • Install the latest version of Firefox, Edge or Chrome and check it is working.
  • MI / Redme default browser is not supported, please install supported browser.
  • Default browsers of other phones may not be supported.
  • If you are using an old phone, change the device.
  • Uninstall any applications that may be blocking your camera.
  • Use full versions of Browsers not the light/webview versions.
  • If one browser has a problem, try another one.
  • Some mobiles like MI phone uses a default browser which looks like chrome, but has camera accessibility issues.

  • Test not visible to on the dashboard:
  • Test may not be allocated to you by your teacher. Please speak to your teacher/institute.
  • Test may get assigned late too hence, wait till 2 hours before the test.

  • Test not starting/Test launch button not active:
  • Check that the date and time of the test is correct.
  • Check that the time and timezone of your device is correct.
  • Logout and refresh the login page and then re-login to the test.
  • If the test got finished or expired, contact your teacher to re-start the test.

  • Test getting automatically submitted:
  • Your device timezone or time may not be correct. Please go to the 'Date and time' settings of your device and change the time zone to UTC+05.30 Indian time. After setting the time zone, set the time also correctly.
  • You may be attempting the test after the time of the test is over, in which case it will automatically submit the test.
  • If a test is submitted by mistake, you can request your teacher to resume/restart/reschedule the test.

  • Pictures not showing in your questions:
  • Internet may be disrupted, please check your internet connection.
  • You can login again and resume the test after connecting to internet.

  • Formulas not showing in your questions:
  • Your browser is not supporting formulas. Check your system from the login page and switch to a browser which displays formulas

  • Front camera goes blank after answer photo is taken:
  • You are using a browser or an old device which is not able to switch back to the front camera after a photo is taken. Change your browser or phone and check.

  • Issue in uploading answer photos or pdfs:
  • Ensure your net conection is good and fast, uploading photos need a good net connection.
  • Please keep the camera resolution/picture size low. (3 mega pixels would be good enough)
  • Try with the attach file option, which also will open the camera if you are using Chrome browser.
  • You may also try with another browser. (Firefox, Edge or Chrome)
  • If still face a problem, exit the test, logout and try again or try from another device.
  • If you are uploading a PDF, try to keep the size small (You may use 'Adobe Scan' app to scan PDFs). Practice how to use the scan app in advance.

  • Error on submit:
  • Internet may be disrupted. Re-login again and submit the test from the same device.
  • If required, teacher can 'resume' the test for you to re-enter and submit the test. Contact your teacher.

  • Following browsers are known to be not supporting camera and other functinalities:
  • Redmi/MIUI Browsers
  • Chrome WebView 62
  • Android Browser 6 and older
  • Some other default and non-standard browsers

  • How to solve :
  • Use Firefox, Chrome or Edge. (Install full versions not light/webview etc) and check that your camera is working, time zone and time is correct and formulas are displayed.
  • If one browser is giving a problem for any of the above, try another one.
  • Use newer phones in place of very old ones.

    External Links:

    Solving Google Chrome camera issues

    Firefox Camera settings

    Windows10 Webcam settings

    Test your Webcam and know the supported browsers



  • Login prior to the exam and check that your system is working fine.
  • 'Check your system' from the login page link and ensure that your camera is working, time zone and time is correct and formulas are displayed.
  • Ensure you are in a room without disturbances and well lit.
  • Allow camera access to the site when you login for the first time.
  • Focus on your test and answer your questions diligently, without any other distractions.
  • Keep your device in a proper angle for the teacher to see your camera view properly.
  • Try to take the answer sheet photos in portrait mode and keep the camera resolution low (around 3 megapixel)
  • In case you exit the test by mistake, re-login and resume the test within the test duration.
  • Go through the detailed instructions and video links given below.



  • Do not try to check your books or notes. Your actions are being monitored live.
  • Do not use headphones or speak to anybody while taking test.
  • Do not try to browse for answers, your deviations from the test window is being tracked and your test could be terminated.
  • Do not hide your camera or have any camera blocking apps installed.
  • Nobody else should be there in the room where you take the test.
  • Do not close the browser as your last answers would not have got saved, it gets saved automatically every 3 minutes. In case of any problems exit the test and resume.
  • Don't be in your home casual dresses; be properly dressed. Know that you are being watched.
  • Above actions may lead to negative marks or even termination of the test.


    More Instructions:

    Please go through detailed instructions from: DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS



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  • Taking a test on mobile as explained by a student: Taking a Test on mobile

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