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Our Mission!

LoveMyTest aims at bringing affordable technology innovation to every school in India. Educational Technology is still not accessible to a large number of schools in India. That is due to a variety of factors like lack of knowledge about the advancements in the field, affordability of technical solutions and even mindset of educationists’ against adopting new technologies.

We would like to make a difference to the way schools are operating by bringing in the benefits of technology in an affordable way to most schools. We have started it by making the examination process easy for schools. Examination conduction is a repetitive process which can be easily automated. This will save a lot of time for teachers in making question papers, evaluating them and making different types of reports. If 80% of this process can be taken over by new techniques, teachers can focus their time more on development of every child entrusted to them.

With, teachers can auto-generate questions papers based on a defined blueprint and different difficulty levels within 10 to 15 minutes. Both subjective and objective questions are available in the system. Teachers can customise the question papers, replace the auto generated questions or even add questions of their own. Offline examinations can be conducted as usual and online examinations on computers and tablets. Students can attempt the tests assigned to them by their teachers or take practice tests on their own. CBSE syllabus 6-12 all subjects except Hindi and regional languages are available in the system.

Some people would say that technology based assessments take away the human factor of being sensitive to individual strengths of students. We too agree that this is a genuine concern and hence technology cannot take away the problem all together. Teachers’ involvement is required for testing the speaking skills, writing skills and the methods deployed by students in solving problems. Subjective level assessment is required to evaluate such parameters. allows the teachers to plan their subjective and objective tests hand-in-hand. Scores from the subjective tests can be added to the technology based assessments and combined reports can be generated by the system.

Our Team!

We are a group of people passionate about education and the benefits technology can bring into the lives of students, parents and teachers. Our Team consists of Educationists, Solution Developers, Technology Innovators, Content Developers, Designers and Implementation support teams.

Mr. Shaji Jacob is one of the co-founders and the chief solutions architect. He is an alumni of IIT Roorkee. He is a person with innovative ideas and the one behind the educational technology solutions being developed by LoveMyTest. He has worked with reputed educational and technology firms for more than 20 years before starting LoveMyTest.

Mr. Mak Damodar is the co-founder and the Chief Technology Evangelist at LoveMyTest. He is the one who designs our technology solutions and is passionate about bringing technology into education. He believes that any technology solution should be easily usable by even the non-tech people.

Mr. Joy Peter is our Chief Educational Advisor. He is also the head of one of the reputed educational institutions in India. He has innovative ideas for experiential learning and lends his time on trying out our new technology solutions.

Prof. P S Joseph is our chief mentor and advisor. Previously he headed the English department at Tolani Group of Institutions.

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Shaji Jacob
Co-founder and Chief Solutionist
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Mak D
Co-founder and Chief Technologist
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Joy Peter
Chief Academic Advisor
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Prof. P S Joseph
Chief Mentor and Advisor
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Priya Pullambra
Academic Head
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Bindu Antony
Content Manager
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Sindhu M
Academic Coordinator
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Sulochana D
Content Specialist Biology, Chemistry
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Sreedevi Rajesh
Content Specialist Maths, Physics
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Abraham Joseph
Content Specialist English
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Priya Sankaran
Content Specialist English, Computers
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Hema Madan
Content Specialist Economics, Social Scn
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Simi Siby
Content Specialist Computer Science
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Smruti Chaudhari
Content Specialist Maths, Science
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Suma Srivatsa
Content Specialist Maths, Physics
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Mimansha Jugran
Content Specialist Computers, Accounts
Responsive image
Padma Iyer
Content Specialist Commerce, Business
Responsive image
Aparajita Misra
Content Specialist Accounts, Commerce
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Kalpana Sangeeth
Content Specialist Chemistry
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Aparna Venkat
Content Specialist Computer Science
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Soumya Murali
Content Specialist Economics, Business
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Rusna Saleem
Content Specialist Biology
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Kalpana Karthigayan
Content Specialist Science, Social Scn

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