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  • Assign a test to students and conduct the test online with remote monitoring.
  • Test can be scheduled at any given time and students take the test at the specified time after verify his/her credentials.
  • Teacher has a dashboard to verify the progress of each student and monitor them live.
  • Teacher can start, stop, resume, submit or reschedule a test at a student level remotely.
  • Teachers have the option to terminate or submit a test if a student is trying to do the unexpected.
  • Teacher can allow a student to re-start or resume the test if required.
  • Test Start button will be active only after student takes a live photograph and upload it.
  • Student is prevented from opening another tab or toggle the screen while taking test. Such actions are tracked and student is warned of deviations.
  • Student cannot copy paste answers from other files or pages.
  • Student can write subjective answers on paper and take a photo and upload it from the system itself.
  • Student cannot login from two devices simultaneously.
  • If student login again (or tries to login from another device), he has to again verify by uploading his live photo.
  • System will also automatically take photographs of the student randomly and upload it for teacher to check even after exam.
  • If the student gets logged off due to power failure or internet issue, he can resume from when he has stopped.
  • Test will automatically get terminated when the time is over.
  • Teacher can extend the time of a test for a particular student or for all students.
  • Teacher can set the maximum late entry time and set a hard stop of the test irrespective of late entry.
  • Teacher can know more insights of students device like there device type, operating system, last active time, or even ip(on demand)
  • User authentication cannot be manipulated as it requires secure authentication and valid sessions. Also make use of cloud security.
  • All teacher and student information is encrypted and secure. We don't share user information with any third parties
  • School has the option to deactivate/activate student IDs if required.


  • Automatic scalable cloud architecture on Amazon AWS for test conduction.
  • Unlimited scalability for concurrent access of large number of students at one go.
  • Highspeed access without interruptions for every student.
  • Responsive interface which will work on computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Teachers and students will get login_Ids and password by which they can directly access the system.
  • No separate plugins or installation of apps required.
  • Secure system with high level data security to prevent data breach.
  • Detailed instructions will be provided for teachers and students to access and use the system.
  • Normal mobile Internet connection with 3G or 4G will be sufficient to take exams.


  • Ready question Bank based on NCERT Curriculum for class 1 to 12.
  • 10 types of question formats are available in the system to auto generate or manually select questions.
  • CBSE question bank for Maths, Science, EVS, Social Sciences, English Literature, Grammar, Computer Science, Physics, chemistry, Bio, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Political Science, Informatic Practices, History, Geography and Statistics available for test creation.
  • Schools and Institutes can build their own extra question bank by adding their questions.
  • Auto-generate questions with a blueprint specifying number of questions and question types as shown below.
  • lovemytest blueprint
  • Some state board and private publisher book question banks also available in the system, if the school is using such books.
  • The question bank is ever growing as a team of teachers is working on developing and adding more questions continuously.
  • Customised question development for specific books can be undertaken at an extra cost.
  • For subjects where questions are not available, teachers can make their own questions and conduct exams.
  • Support for adding teacher specific questions for tests can be taken up at an extra cost.
  • Schools using non NCERT books like ICSE and State Boards are also using the platform to conduct online exams with their own content.
  • All languages with unicode fonts are supported by the system. Most of Indian languages supported.
  • Ready question bank is of school exam level not JEE, NEET level.
  • For JEE, NEET level exams, you can add your own questions and conduct online exams. Our team can help to add questions as a service if required.
  • All languages with unicode fonts are supported by the system. Most of the Indian languages are supported.


Flexi, Basic, Pro and Premium packages to fit every budget
No limit on the number of students or teachers.
Option to choose multiple classes and subjects.



1 week
6 months
6 months
1 Year
1 Year
No of Tests
 Subjective Online Examinations 
 Objective Online Examinations 
 Exam Remote proctoring and monitoring
 Option to track and record students browsing net
 Automatic Question paper generator
 Subjective Questions Online Evaluation
 Option for teachers to annotate on answer file submitted by students.
 Objective Questions Auto Evaluation
 Option to customise and add own questions
 Option to have multiple subjects in one test
 Negative Marks Option
 Option to start, stop, resume, reschedule tests for every student
 Question by question progress tracker
 Student photographs while taking test saved for future reference
 Multiple device login restriction
 Option to activate/de-activate student login IDs
 Secure Browser
 Timed tests with countdown timer and auto termination/submit.
 Live Score Sheet, downloadable as excel
 Publishing results online
 Option for students to see the result with solutions and teacher feedback
 Option to print online answer sheets of students
 No separate apps or plugins required
 Device independent Test Platform
 Student Management
 Exam Scheduler
 Exam Management Dashboard
 Option to take answer photo and upload directly from the mobile interface.
 Upload up to 5 files per question.
 Training Videos and Tutorials
 Technical support Email - for teachers
 Online Trainings
 Technical support Phone - for school
 Unlimited student accounts
 Unlimited Teacher accounts/admin panels
 Practice Tests
 Homework assignments
 Option to share a test with other teachers
 Option for multiple teachers to evaluate a test
 Option to conduct tests using OMR system
 Option to share a test across group schools
 Customised reports
 Balance tests carry forward to next year
 Onsite Training(once)*

*For onsite trainings, customers will have to bear the cost of travel and accomodation on an actual cost basis.

FREE Question Paper Generator: Question paper generator with 10 types of questions with the online exam platform as special offer for covid period.

Multiple Subject Tests: Tests with multiple subjects can be conducted which will be useful for admission tests and competitive exams preparation.

GROUP School Tests: If you have a group of schools, you have the option to conduct the same exam in multiple schools at the same time. This will reduce your effort of creating multiple question papers and managing multiple tests.

Other Details:

  • Question bank is generic in nature mapping to NCERT books, however schools can add their own books and create own question bank to conduct online tests. Teachers can customise questions or add content specific to their needs.
  • The school/org remains responsible to ensure that students attend and participate in a test and they use recommended devices and has a good internet connection. Mobiles or Laptops with good processing power and with camera is recommended to take tests.
  • Test credits will be allocated based on the plan subscribed which will get reduced as tests are taken. More credits can be purchased as required.
  • Upgrade to a higher a package is possible where the unused credits can be used to upgrade to a higher plan.
  • Required credits can be purchased in advance based on the plan chosen. Instalments would be possible for higher plans.
  • One credit is consumed per student assigned to the test with a minimum of 10 credits per test.
  • Balance credits in premium plan can be carry forwarded and added to the next year subscriptions.
  • The plans given are introductory in nature and are subject to change. However, schools which have subscribed for a plan will continue in it till the end of the validity period.

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  • Online Examination system for schools
  • Monitor students remotely
  • Question Paper generator for schools
  • Cheating Prevention
  • Auto/Online evaluation of answer sheets
  • Publishing results to students
  • Annotate answer sheets
  • Print evaluated answer sheets
  • Question bank for CBSE curriculum
  • OMR based testing system for schools
  • Lesson planning system for schools
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