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Features in Detail



  • Auto-generate question papers in 2 minutes with a blueprint.
  • Customise the question papers by changing or editing questions.
  • Add your own questions if required.
  • Ready question Bank based on NCERT Curriculum for class 1 to 12.
  • Separate question banks available for JEE and NEET Examinations.
  • 10 types of question formats are available in the system.
  • Multiple subject question papers can be generated for JEE, NEET exams.
  • Create both objective and subjective question papers
  • Use the question papers for online or offline examinations.
  • Teacher copy with solutions are generated automatically for all question papers.
  • Create your own question bank by adding extra questions.
  • Question development for specific books can be undertaken at an extra cost.
  • All languages with unicode fonts are supported by the system.

For campus selection, recruitments and other types of tests, customised content can be added by lovemytest team as required.


  • Conduct objective and subjective tests online.
  • Remotely monitor students while exam is live.
  • View question by question progress track of every student.
  • Chat with specific students or send announcement to all students when exam is live.
  • Start, stop, resume, submit or reschedule a test at a student level remotely.
  • There can be timed and open tests.
  • Negative marks can be set if required.
  • Instant test result generation.
  • Publish results to students with solutions.
  • Conduct a test across multiple group schools at the same time.
  • Secure and safe system with preventing unfair means during exams.
  • Students take their photo and verify online before starting exams.
  • Screen deviation of students is tracked during exam.
  • Student cannot copy paste answers from other files or pages.
  • Subjective answers can be written on paper and a photo can be uploaded from the system itself.
  • Student cannot login from two devices simultaneously.
  • Students' photographs are taken randomly every minute and upload it for teacher to check even after exam.
  • Teacher can extend the time of a test for a particular student or for all students.
  • Teacher can set the maximum late entry time and set a hard stop of the test irrespective of late entry.
  • School has the option to deactivate/activate student IDs if required.
  • No separate plugins or installation of apps required.
  • Automatic scalable cloud architecture on Amazon AWS for test conduction.
  • Unlimited scalability for concurrent access of large number of students at one go.
  • Responsive interface which will work on computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Normal mobile Internet connection with 3G or 4G will be sufficient to take exams.
  • Conduct tests with our ready question bank or your own question papers.

Types Of Exams:

  • School exams, tests and assignments
  • JEE, NEET Practice Tests
  • Campus Selection Exams
  • Entrance Examinations
  • Recruitment type Exams
  • Custom Examinations as required



  • Flexi, Basic, Pro and Premium packages to fit every budget
  • Pay per student OR pay for the tests required.
  • Take online test plans OR only question paper generator.
  • No limit on the number of students or teachers.
  • Question paper generator free with online exam plans.





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  • Online Examination system for schools
  • Monitor students remotely
  • Question Paper generator for schools
  • Cheating Prevention
  • Auto/Online evaluation of answer sheets
  • Publishing results to students
  • Annotate answer sheets
  • Print evaluated answer sheets
  • Question bank for CBSE curriculum
  • OMR based testing system for schools
  • Lesson planning system for schools
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