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Make your Assessments Easy and Fast !

Are your teachers spending considerable amount of their time in making question papers, evaluating, scoring and making reports rather than spending their time on enhancing the learning of their students?

Do it Easy and Fast with LoveMyTest!

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Initial Setup

  1. School registers for a free test pilot with LoveMyTest.
  2. An admin login access is created for the school to access LoveMyTest portal.
  3. School creates a test code for a given test. The number of questions, pass marks, class, subject, topic, and number of sets required is defined here. The number of questions can be upto 180 for any paper.
  4. Teachers add questions to the system or take expert help from LoveMyTest team to create customised question papers.

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ONLINE / Computer / Tablet Mode

  1. Question paper is generated by the system based on test criteria, which will be available for taking online tests.
  2. Students take the tests online using a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. They can do it at school or as practice tests at home.
  3. Students attend the questions one by one or can navigate to any specific question. They can mark the questions needing review and change the selection before submitting.
  4. Reports are generated instantly by the system or at a specified time set by the school.
  5. Reports can be mailed or messaged to parents.

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OMR Offline Mode

  1. Question paper is generated by the system which can be downloaded as a PDF files and printed.
  2. Different sets of the question paper can be created with same set of questions or different questions.
  3. Standard OMR formats for doing up to 60 questions or upto 180 questions is available which can be printed by school on A5 or A4 sheets. Pre-printed OMR sheets can also be used.
  4. Students take the test in OMR sheets darkening the circles using a black pen. They will mark their role numbers, test code and set number also on OMR sheet.
  5. School scans the filled OMR sheets with a multiple paper feeding scanner. The scanner costs about Rs.20000 and is a onetime investment for the school.
  6. The scanned OMR sheets are processed by the system and data uploaded on server.
  7. Reports are generated instantly by the system and can be mailed or messaged to parents.

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Formal Assessments or Practice Tests

  1. Schools can conduct all formal assessments and class tests with lovemytest.
  2. Teachers can assign practice tests or home work assignment tests and check the student wise status any time.
  3. Students get a login and can take unlimited numnber of practice tests on their own for any topic and check their improvements after every test.
  4. Test categories can be customised to schools requirements like Class Tests, Practice Tests, Formative Tests, Summative Tests, Model Exams, Prelim Exams or Annual Exams.
  5. Objcetive tests are done using computers or OMR sheets and subjective tests using pen and paper. Subjective scores are added in the system by teachers to get combined reports.

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Report Generation

  1. Teachers get a login id to access the system to add questions, generate question papers and generate reports.
  2. Teachers can generate reports for a class or for individual students. They can generate reports for one test or multiple tests combined.
  3. HODs can generate reports for multiple sections/classes together and Principal can generate reports for all classes together.
  4. Different performance analysis reports will be available at student, class, section, grade and school levels.
  5. Customised reports suiting specific requirements of a school can be taken up on request.
  6. Student progress reports can be generated online with teacher comments for every student.
  7. Year on Year analysis of reults will be provided at student, class, subject and school levels.




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