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Advantages of taking a Pilot!

Conduct tests for all classes or few selected classes and subjects.

Check if the solution suits your requirement.

Understand all the features before going live for entire school

Be part of the development process to improve the solution

Be the first one to use a new technology based testing system

Customise the solution to the school requirements

Get parent feedback before taking decisions

Advantages of taking an online test Pilot
Students taking an online mock test

Minimum requirements for taking a Pilot!

Teachers need access to a computer or laptop with good configurations.

Need a good Internet LAN connection or 4G connection with good signal.

Students will need a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with Android 6 and above.

No separate plugins or app installations required.

How to Start!

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  • Online Examination system for schools
  • Monitor students remotely
  • Question Paper generator for schools
  • Cheating Prevention
  • Auto/Online evaluation of answer sheets
  • Publishing results to students
  • Annotate answer sheets
  • Print evaluated answer sheets
  • Question bank for CBSE curriculum
  • OMR based testing system for schools
  • Lesson planning system for schools
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