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Manage your Examinations ONLINE

Conduct objective and subjective examinations online.

Question paper generator for TEACHERS.

Give practice tests to students online with immediate solutions.

View the status of students taking exams in real time.

View results live online for objective exams .




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Why burn the midnight oil to make question papers?


Make your own question papers online in 10-15 minutes with a blueprint.

Decide the difficulty levels of questions. (Set easy, medium and difficult percentages)

Choose the percentage of questions from text book, non-textbook or previous years.

Twelve different types of questions to choose from. (Objective as well as subjective)

Generate question papers automatically or select questions on your own.

Edit the existing questions or add your own questions if required.

Generate the final question paper as well as a teacher copy with solutions.

Tests can be conducted in online mode or manually as usual. (no compulsion to take online mode)

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Relieve the stress of taking exams!


Take online Examinations as assigned by teachers.

Make your own tests and practice & learn online with correct solutions.

Do homework and assignments at your convenience.

Set your own difficulty levels and test your understanding level.

Identify your weak areas and do more practice in them.

Discuss and share your problems and solutions with online peers.

Take objective online tests with instant reports or attend subjective questions with solutions.

Take subjective exams with online answering or submit scanned answer sheets and get them evaluated online.


Save time and effort...


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Twelve types of questions to choose from

(i ) Multiple Choice, (ii) Fill in the Blanks, (iii) True and False

(iv) Very Short Answer, (v) Short Answer

(vi) Match the Following, (vii) Reference to Context

(viii) Assertion and Reasoning, (ix) Draw and Label

(x) Long Answer, (xi) Very Long Answer / Essay

(xii) Reading / Writing / Case-Study / Appreciation

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Live Tracking of Tests

Teachers can do live tracking of online tests.

Live video proctoring of students to prevent cheating.

Teachers can view the live progress of questions attempted by each student.

They can see how many students are assigned the test and if they have started the tests.

They can also see instant scores in case of MCQ tests.

Teacher can resume a test in case a student has submitted a test by mistake.

Students can start a proper exam only at the assigned time. They will see a countdown timer.

Students can't move away from the live screen to search net or use multiple devices.


Types of Questions and Reports...


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How lovemytest can help you?

Teachers can generate quality question papers easily with set parameters.

Teachers can assign examinations and practice tests to students online.

Students can take objective of subjective tests using their mobiles or computers.

Teachers and school management can track the student progress online.

Live proctoring of tests with series of photographs automatically taken during tests.

Question papers generated can be used for online exams as well as normal exams.

Use our lesson planning system to plan and track teacher activities week wise.

Get limited period free access with free credits to all subscribers.

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Reports for Teachers and Principals

Student wise performance reports.

Common wrong answer reports at class level for remediation.

Class/section wise scoring and performance report for every test.

Section wise summary of all tests conducted in a cycle.

Summary of test results and progress for every class/section till date.

School performance reports with class, section and student level views.

  Please check the ONLINE TEST PREVIEW to see the different features for online examination conduction.


Check what our schools say...


Fr. Thomas, Principal, St. Anselm's Pink City School, Jaipur

"We have conducted our supplementary exams in June 2020, using The question papers were generated through their system and students took online exams from homes using computers and mobile devices. The examination conduction was very smooth and teachers were able to monitor the exams online with a live progress tracker. We are very happy with the outcome and continuing with them for regular exams too."



Joy Peter, Principal, St. Joseph's School Khanusa, Vijapur, Gujarat

"Our School has been using the services of for the last two years. Their question paper generator is excellent which allowed our teachers to generate quality question papers with minimum effort, using a blueprint with different types of questions and difficulty levels. The lesson planning system helped our teachers to plan their classroom activities meticulously and complete them on time."


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